June 14, 2016 Affiliates No Comments

Probyo is very excited to announce our affiliation with the Noakes Foundation.


The Noakes Foundation is a Non-Profit Corporation founded for public benefit which aims to advance medical science’s understanding of the benefits of a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet by providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition that is free from commercial agenda. An important component in the LCHF (Low Carb/High Fat) diet is the minimization of processed sugars in the diet. Furthermore the diet plan also favours the inclusion of probiotics into the diet to support healthy gut function.

For every bottle of Probyo Functional Food product that is sold, R3 is donated to the Noakes Foundation to fund further research in the field of LCHF and the Eat Better South Africa campaign. This campaign seeks to promote healthy diets amongst underprivileged communities. For more information goto www.thenoakesfoundation.org

Noakes Foundation R3 logo

The process of lacto-fermentation converts sugars such as glucose and fructose into organic acids through the action of lactic acid bacteria. The result is the Probyo Cultured Drinks are sugar free.

Written by Alastair Burns