School friends Rupert van der Merwe and Alastair Burns founded Probiokashi in 2009.

Rupert discovered the power of microbes back in the early 90’s whilst learning how to live with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondolytis, a form of arthritis. Whilst working on the famous organic/biodynamic farm Bloublommetjies Kloof in Wellington outside Cape Town, he discovered that eating food grown on microbial enriched soil was the secret to taming his disease. He decided to go on a journey of discovery to understand how microbes can be used to bring back health to humans, animals and the environment. This led him to two degrees at Stellenbosch University whilst actively working with farmers who wanted to improve the microbial life in their soil. During this time he came across the ancient farming practices of Japan, which had been re-discovered and promoted as Nature Farming. The relationship between a healthy gut and a healthy soil was key to Nature Farming. In Nature Farming the ancient art of culturing microbes to improve the soil and the gut was combined into one dynamic whole.

Alastair had spent many years as a financial manager both locally and overseas. He also developed an autoimmune disease after he returned to South Africa with his young family from a long stay in London. The disease made him reconsider his lifestyle and diet and got him interested in probiotics.
After years of consulting to farmers Rupert teamed up with Alastair to found Probiokashi with the aim of introducing the use of beneficial probiotic microbes to South Africa. They built a factory on Rupert’s permaculture farm in the Cape Winelands near Stellenbosch to produce probiotic-based products.
Use the best consortia probiotic microbes
Source the best quality organic ingredients
Culture drinks to the highest craft brewing standards
Deliver the highest quality product
Provide the most satisfying customer service